Mariner is a founding member of the International Marine Travel Group (IMTG).  IMTG is a strategic alliance formed between independent travel companies specialising in the marine and offshore industries. From Australia to the Philippines, Singapore, China, UK, Greece, Ukraine, India we have the globe covered. IMTG’s success is based on providing superior travel services to customers requiring multi-country travel solutions. To do so, we develop solutions that support our customers in driving down the overall costs of their crew replacements. Contrary to what has become common in our industry, we do not just focus on the price of a ticket. Our solutions cover the total costs of ownership of our customers’ travel and crew replacement operations.

As a group we can manage your crew travel globally using our highly skilled partner local teams who can all negotiated marine fares any other local market fares and supplier discounts but still centralise invoicing and reporting to ensure optimal efficiencies and cost reductions to your crew changes.

Simply IMTG is different. Our approach is not just based on issuing tickets, but on finding solutions that support our customers. We cut the time needed to manage crew replacements. We remove the administrative hurdles around making travel arrangements. We mitigate errors and improve efficiency. But, most of all, we save our customers money.